Camerons Quest

Author David Carraturo discussed his “Columbus Avenue Boys” trilogy including his latest book, “Cameron’s Quest”.  He explained the plots and chronology of each book and how he was inspired by his love of history and life experiences to write them. After the presentation and extensive Q&A David offered signed copies of his books for sale.


In honor of Earth Day, Geoff Sheldon spoke about his work on the frontline with GREENPEACE International driving environmental change. He showed photos of his 10-year journey around the globe and explained how Greenpeace advances their mission of preventing pollution and abuse of the earth’s ocean, land, air, and fresh water. Geoff also shared some practical tips for greening-up one’s life.

addiction.jpgCharles Hayes is Intake Coordinator at TRI Center, Bronx, which provides treatment of substance use disorder (SUD) and other conditions. He discussed various approaches to recovery and therapies that are used to help people turn their lives around. Charles compared and contrasted the 12-step program to other successful methodologies.

Firefighter.jpgEastchester Fire Captain Brian Tween explained how our local fire department works. He gave an overview of the various fire trucks and equipment. Brian played an audio recording of the Black Sunday tragedy which led to improved safety measures. One of the highlights of the presentation was when Brian rapelled from the 2nd floor of the Barn in full gear.


Peter McCartt is manager of the newly formed Barn Band. Pete discussed how the band came together and their plans for the future. The band played a few songs and told stories about how they got into playing music. After the presentation other musicians were invited to join in.


Richard Schraudner is a District Commissioner within the Westchester-Putnam Council of the Boy Scouts of America. He led a panel discussion with several Boy Scout leaders in our community. They shared stories from their experiences in scouting which greatly enriched the lives of the boys.


Jason Meister is a Senior Director in the Investment Sales group at Ackman-Ziff, a 90-year-old, privately held real estate capital advisory and brokerage firm. He’s also a politcal pundit and author often featured on Fox News. Jason discussed the upcoming election and why he thought Donald Trump was the best choice for president despite his shortcomings. Dissenting opinions were also voiced and a fairly civilized debate ensued.