John Ly is an engineer who left a successful career to follow his dream. He’s about to open a Vietnamese sandwich (Banh Mi) shop in Eastchester. John discussed his journey and the art of making great Banh Mi sandwiches. He brought several different types of sandwiches for us to try along with egg rolls, Thai coffee and tea.


Greg Rosner is the founder of Pitch Kitchen, a presentation and strategy design firm. He discussed how to put together a great presentation that educates the audience and builds trust. Greg demonstrated presentation tools such as Slido which enhances audience participation and Prezi which provides a more engaging experience than PowerPoint.


Don Wauchope is a battleship aficionado. He discussed the WWII naval battle, The Battle of the Denmark Strait, in which 3 battleships had a deadly confrontation. Don shared his in depth knowledge of The Bismarck, The Hood, and The HMS Prince of Wales.


Tom Cascione hosted this year’s BBQ Night with the help of a few others. The ribs were amazing! Thanks to Tom and everyone who lent a hand to make it a great night.


Our annual Casino Night was organized by Peter Palma, Tom Watson, and Peter McCartt. Games included blackjack, craps, roulette, and poker. We raised over $1,500 to benefit the American Cancer Society.

Camerons Quest

Author David Carraturo discussed his “Columbus Avenue Boys” trilogy including his latest book, “Cameron’s Quest”.  He explained the plots and chronology of each book and how he was inspired by his love of history and life experiences to write them. After the presentation and extensive Q&A David offered signed copies of his books for sale.


In honor of Earth Day, Geoff Sheldon spoke about his work on the frontline with GREENPEACE International driving environmental change. He showed photos of his 10-year journey around the globe and explained how Greenpeace advances their mission of preventing pollution and abuse of the earth’s ocean, land, air, and fresh water. Geoff also shared some practical tips for greening-up one’s life.