Ed Cardillo is an amateur Trap Shooter. He’ll discuss the history of the sport, how he got into it, and why he’s passionate about it. Ed will show us some trap shooting equipment and explain how it all works.

Sean McIntyre describes himself as a “recreational musician”. He plays a number of instruments including the mandolin, banjo, dobro, dulcimer, and bodran. Sean talked about his musical journey and demonstrated several instruments from his vast collection.

Brian Higbie is an attorney whose law practice is focused primarily on estate planning for families with young children. He handles other legal matters as well and does pro-bono work with Environmental Law. Brian is very knowledgeable and passionate about the legalization of marijuana. He shared his insight with us and lead a lively discussion on this topic.

John Fix of Cornell’s Hardware generously donated a new fire pit for Barn Night. Due to the increasing severity of the pandemic, attendance was limited to 10 people this month. A handful of guys gathered around the fire pit with masks on.

The Reverend Dr. Michael Gerald is the Senior Pastor at the Shiloh Baptist Church in Tuckahoe (founded in 1910). He has a 21-year career background in law enforcement and is currently a writer, public speaker, teacher, theologian, leadership developer, community organizer, political organizer, and much more. Dr. Gerald shared his background and discussed a range of topics including what it means to be a man, leadership in the community, and trends in policing. The general theme of his talk was about brotherhood and unity.

Father Seán Connolly is a priest of the Archdiocese of New York. Formerly with the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Tuckahoe, he currently serves at the Parish of St. Joseph in Middletown. Fr. Connolly discussed the history of miracles and shared stories of 3 remarkable incidents that were determined by the Catholic Church to be miracles. A lively discussion followed.


Another safe, outdoor gathering with live music and lively conversation. Even without a formal presentation Barn Night is always interesting.


We’ll kept the barn tradition going while maintaining a safe environment.  There was no formal presentation.

DSC_0197The barn reopened with social distance precautions. A small group attended and sat in a circle outside. There was no presentation.


Donato Vaccaro has a Ph.D in psychology and a side hustle as a career coach. He moderated a Zoom networking session. Everyone had an opportunity to give a 1-minute “elevator speech”. A lively discussion followed and some interesting connections took place.