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Silent Movie

Stephen Segarra is a piano tuner who’s currently restoring the antique piano in the Barn. He’ll discuss his craft and perform an accompaniment to the silent movie “Steamboat Bill Jr.” with Buster Keaton. This will be a unique opportunity to experience a film as people did in the 1920’s before the advent of the “talkies”.

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Maurice Elmalem is a 7 Time World Champion, 5 Time Guiness World Record holder, and 7 Time U.S. Cup Gold Medallist. He was awarded “World Champion Greatest Martial Arts Daredevil” by Chuck Norris.  Jun Hak Pae is a Taekwondo master, Tae-kyun 2nd generation master, Kung-Fu master, Korean Swordsmanship master, Chi-gong master, and teacher at Black Belt Martial Arts Center in Eastchester.  Master Elmalem and Master Pae discussed their journeys and offerred some pointers from the art of Taekwondo.


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Neil Porto is a Civil War buff. He brought his colleague Charles, a Civil War re-enactor who was fully decked out in period costume. Neil and Charles discussed their passion for the history of our country’s bloodiest conflict. They talked about the various battlefields, the generals on both sides, and posed some thought provoking questions.

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Dr. Edward Cardillo is a clinical psychologist who works with individuals with Down Syndrome, children and teens on the autism spectrum, and the elderly (including World War II vets). Ed shared some interesting stories from events over the course of his career.

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The presenter spent the past 25 years traveling the world and immersing himself in more jobs than he can count; from trapeze artist to film producer. Two and a half years ago he went deep into the Emerald Triangle in Northern California to grow cannabis. He shared his experiences with detailed photos of the growing and harvesting process.

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John Ly is an engineer who left a successful career to follow his dream. He’s about to open a Vietnamese sandwich (Banh Mi) shop in Eastchester. John discussed his journey and the art of making great Banh Mi sandwiches. He brought several different types of sandwiches for us to try along with egg rolls, Thai coffee and tea.

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Greg Rosner is the founder of Pitch Kitchen, a presentation and strategy design firm. He discussed how to put together a great presentation that educates the audience and builds trust. Greg demonstrated presentation tools such as Slido which enhances audience participation and Prezi which provides a more engaging experience than PowerPoint.

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